EirGrid believeable? Prove it Fintan (Take 2).

In our Blog last week we asked Eirgrid to produce the Data to show that their ‘new’ technology does the job.

In addition, we included the Maps of the chosen Pylon Route in the Eirgrid September 2015 Report, which is the same as outlined in Eirgrid 2011’s internal communications (see here…

Unfortunately since our recent Blog Eirgrid have removed the Maps from their website, along with 99% of the documentation from the last 3 years of the wasted Gridlink project, we have included a map of the routes KRA8 & DSN9 below.

3 Years of time, effort, and money have been wasted; communities have consistently been lied to, we have one simple question “Is the ‘new’ technology adequate for the task?” In order to say that it is Eirgrid would have had to model “series compensation” to see if it actually is fit for purpose. Eirgrid say that this is their preferred option Today, fine, we would like to believe Eirgrid (despite 3 years of consistent lies) and ask them to release this modelling data to prove that their ‘new’ ‘series compensation’ option is truly fit for purpose.

Come on Fintan, engage with communities, release this data so that communities can begin to establish trust with Eirgrid.


Here are the maps, you’ll have to rotate to view.



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Eirgrid, believable? Prove it Fintan.

Communities all over the south east can breath a huge sigh of relief, or can they?

Here are the least constrained lines that would have been chosen had the series compensation technology not been ‘discovered’ by €irgrid.

Firstly, Knockraha to Great Island…

Secondly, Great Island to Dunstown…


The question is, does series compensation do what €irgrid says it can do on our Island grid?

Yes, then produced the modelling data so that it can be independently verified as being fit for purpose.

Failure by €irgrid to produce the data can only mean one thing, the option is not fit for purpose and is a further waste of Tax payers money.


The report is here…


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Questions for EirGrid

Source: Questions for EirGrid

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Electricity Prices will get higher and higher

The Law is my Oyster

Wind Swindle

Here is the text of the letter by Wind Aware Ireland in today’s Sunday Business Post:

Wind Aware Ireland welcomes the examination by the Oireachtas Committee on Communications and Transport of the rise in electricity prices for Irish consumers and businesses (“Oireachtas Probe to ask why lower oil prices not reflected in electric bills” SBP January 11th 2015). The increase in PSO levies on electricity bills highlights one of the many incongruities of the wind energy/pylon debacle. Wind energy makes no sense environmentally, economically and socially and Wind Aware Ireland has consistently called for a full cost benefit analysis of the project.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland estimates that Ireland has saved €177 million in fuel imports due to wind energy. However, in order to prop up this uneconomical and unsustainable form of power and peat the consumer is now to pay €328 million through subsidisation. It doesn’t take a…

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Wind Farms Are Dangerous – and NOTHING is being done about it.

The Law is my Oyster



A previous blog highlighted some of the wind turbine disasters in Ireland and the failure of the lawmakers to bring out Safety Regulations governing wind farms or indeed the failure of the Health and Safety Authority to publish a Code of Practice for wind farms, as they do for various other dangerous industries / activities.

Since then there have been more turbine disasters, which have been well covered in both press and social media. In the UK, it is reported that of 3421 wind turbines installed, there have been 1500 accidents in 5 years. ( See the updated UK statistics here:


Ireland does not have as highly regulated a reporting system as is found in the UK, so one wonders what is the true figure here? See the Report written by Michael Quinn, detailing the multitude of wind turbine disasters in Ireland.

Amidst rising concerns about…

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#Right2Water , Civil Disobedience and #PeoplePower in Ireland 2015


Yesterday on Twitter I received the following Tweet ….

What needs to be done to topple the Government?

I replied ….

Mass Civil Disobedience !

As a lawyer, I have been criticised by many, in particular fellow lawyers, regarding the stance I’ve taken with regard to the Right2Water Campaign. This is a Citizen led Movement which has arisen as a result of the Irish Governments attempt to privatize our water, regardless of how hollow the rejection of this claim is, by the Elites who run this country. I have taken to the streets and marched Shoulder to Shoulder with my fellow Citizens and am proud to do so. While many people cannot afford to pay the proposed charges being imposed on us, a lot…

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Breaking the Law

The Law is my Oyster

breaking law 2
“All lawful modes of expressing opposition to this principle had been closed by legislation, and we were placed in a position in which we had either to accept a permanent state of inferiority, or to defy the Government. We chose to defy the law.”

(Nelson Mandela speaking at his trial in Rivonia, 1964).


I can still remember as a law student being asked to debate whether it was ever justifiable to break a law on moral grounds. As a South African law student living under the evil of apartheid laws, this became more than an academic exercise, as we did our utmost to flout as many of those laws as we could, seeing it as our moral duty to do so.

My simplistic understanding of this dilemma essentially boiled down to what my lecturer called the ‘positivists’ versus the ‘natural lawyers’. The positivists argued that law and morality do…

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